Additional Information on Test Procedures

This section highlights the changes in the section 'Additional Information on Test Procedures' from the 2009 and 2013 editions of HTM 01-05.

15.0 Additional Information on Test Procedures

The information below shows the paragraphs from HTM 01-05 2013 Edition Section 15.0 that have changed from those within HTM 01-05 2009 Edition.

Paragraph 15.1

Most test procedures are defined in the referenced Standards shown in the testing protocols in Chapters 12–14. Unless these tests are to be performed by suitably-qualified and certificated practice staff (see Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedures 01-01 Part A for further guidance on training and certification), it will not be necessary for the practice to possess copies of these Standards. It will, however, be necessary that any contracted test performance include reference to the requirements of these Standards.

What the changes mean and how do they affect your practice?

This is a textual change which alters 'HTM 01-01' to 'Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedure Part A'.