Appendix 1: Hand Hygiene Policy

This section highlights the changes in the 'Appendix 1: Hand Hygiene Policy' from the 2009 and 2013 editions of HTM 01-05.

Appendix 1 - Hand Hygiene Policy

Carry out hand hygiene between each patient treatment, and before donning and after removal of gloves.

Hand-washing should take place at least at the beginning and end of every session, and if hands are visibly soiled.

If hands become sticky with the build of hand rub residue, they must be washed as normal using a proper hand-hygiene technique

What the changes mean and how do they affect your practice?

Previously known in the 2009 Edition as ‘Appendix 2’.

The term “hand washing’ has been replaced with ‘hand hygiene’ in the context of in-between patients, and before donning and removing gloves.

The appendix provides clarification that hand washing should occur at either the start or end of session as a minimum, and that if residue from hand rub becomes sticky then hand washing should be carried out.

The 2009 edition provided a ‘level of hand hygiene’ table which has been removed from the 2013 Edition.