02 May 2018
By rick.craven

Isopharm are proud to announce that they have become a British Association of Dental Nurses Industry Affiliate!

The Association was formed in October 1940 in Leyland, Lancashire by the dentist PE Grundy, aided by his dental surgery assistants, Amelia White and Madeleine Winter - who became the first General Secretary - and was originally called the ‘British Dental Nurses and Assistants Society’. It developed throughout the war years until in 1946 a full-time General Secretary, Rita Methven, was appointed followed 2 years later by Jean Smith, who remained in post until 1985.

Fast forward to today and the Association has gone through many changes - the formation of the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (which subsequently became a completely independent organisation), at least two Association name changes and statutory registration with the GDC, to name only a few.

The British Association of Dental Nurses is the only professional organisation specifically for all dental nurses – whether qualified or unqualified, working in General Practice, Hospital, Community, the Armed Forces, Industry, Practice Management or Reception.

The BADN® Rewards Scheme

Open to all members, offers discounts and special offers on a wide range of products and services for both professional and personal lives. In addition to existing rewards, members can now access a 10% discount when signing up to Isopharm’s annual e-learning subscription.

Isopharm will provide you with a professional, interesting and easy way of completing your learning requirements.

Our dental training is offered via e-learning, as we understand that you have busy professional lives.This means you need access to CPD and learning when you have time.

To access Isopharm Training click here >

Isopharm comply with GDC Enhanced CPD stipulations, including reflective learning, linking all courses to relevant development outcomes, quality assurance on course content and shortly the introduction of a personal development plan for annual subscribers!

Isopharm Enhanced CPD Reflective Learning


Both Isopharm and the BADN share a commitment to the continuous professional development of dental nurses and look forward to a successful collaborative future.

If you are a BADN member, please contact Adam Skalski at adam@badn.org.uk to register interest in Isopharm’s e-learning subscription.

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