Cleaning Efficacy: Soil Test

HTM, WHTM and SDCEP requires that this test is carried out quarterly and annually.

What is it?

This is a test that ensures that the cycle is able to adequately clean a heavily soiled load. A strip coated with an artificial test soil represents a difficult cleaning challenge which the cycle must remove to pass the test.

It is important to use the correct test soil for your machine as recommended by the manufacturer. Using the wrong test soil may provide misleading results.

When is it Perfomed?

HTM, WHTM and SDCEP requires that this test is carried out quarterly and annually. The frequency of User tests in addition to the quarterlyand annual requirement is dictated by the manufacturer and ranges from weekly to monthly.

What Equipment and Materials are Required?

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner Log Book.
  • Test Soil Specific to the Machine Under Test.

Cleaning Efficacy Test

Also known as a manufacturer soil test.

HTM 01 - 05 14.3 Refers to ISO 15883




WHTM 01 - 05 14.3 Refers to ISO 15883
SDCEP 6.2.1 Freq. as manufacturer

D = Day | W = Weekly | Q = Quarterly | Y = Yearly | CP(D) = Competent Person (Decontamination) | ENG = Engineer

* The machine manufacturer must provide frequency of User testing in addition to HTM 01-05 periodic requirements. Please note that only the test soil recommended by the manufacturer should be used.

How is it Done?

These products are for testing both ultrasonic cleaners and washer disinfectors. Although the instructions show an ultrasonic cleaner the methodology is the same for a washer disinfector. 

Using Load Check

Cleaning Efficacy: Soil Test

Using Wash Check 

Cleaning Efficacy: Soil Test

Using PCD & CEI

Cleaning Efficacy: Soil Test

Step 1. Place a single test strip in to its allocated Holder.


Step 2. Place the test into the machine. No instruments should be present.


Step 3. Start a machine cycle as normal for cleaning your instruments.


Step 4. Complete visual removal of the test soil indicates a successful cleaning process.


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