Decontamination Equipment: General Guidance on Maintenance & Testing

11.0 Decontamination Equipment:
General Guidance on Maintenance and Testing

The information below shows the paragraphs from HTM 01-05 2013 Edition Section 11.0 that have changed from those within HTM 01-05 2009 Edition.

Paragraph 11.5 (c), 11.5 (d) & Note: Page 53

11.5(c) The Registered Manager should copy forward the report to an Authorising Engineer (Decontamination)

11.5(d) If the Authorising Engineer (Decontamination) confirms the report, he/she will return it to the Registered Manager for record-keeping purposes.

Note: Page 53 If the report is rejected by the Authorising Engineer (Decontamination), the Authorising Engineer should notify the Registered Manager as soon as practicable.

What the changes mean and how do they affect your practice?

As Primary Care Trusts have been replaced with the national commissioning board, it is not feasible to send the validation reports to this central body.

The 2013 Edition suggests that these reports are sent to an Authorising Engineer (Decontamination). In most instances an AE(D) will only require sight of validation reports annually for sign off purposes. It is unlikely that dental practices will be retaining the services of an AE(D), however should a practice require their services a full list can be found at

It would be worthwhile checking with your engineers to see if they are sending annual validation reports to an AE(D) to avoid duplication and additional expense.