Evidence Recording

Evidence is a key part of what CQC inspectors are looking for to gauge a practice’s compliance.

What better way to prove that you run a tight ship and are in control of all your evidence than to be able to hand them a book where all staff roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, each machine’s varying test requirements are set out, every tick box required is listed, and of course is all complete with the evidence to back it up in the same book.
HTM 01-05 requires that:
11.4 All pieces of decontamination equipment will need a protocol for validation at installation.
11.9 These protocols will require full implementation and all results need recording in a logbook dedicated to individual equipment. Standard logbooks summarizing all required tests are available for most types of decontamination equipment.
Manufacturers should be consulted on the contents of the logbook.
Do you find that your decontamination room has sheets of paper everywhere?
One for recording the temperature of the autoclave, one to tell you that you have changed the water in the reservoir, and then there are all those test strips, curled up at the edge, stapled to yet another sheet of paper.
Why not consider getting a dedicated logbook for each piece of equipment that you use in your practice to keep all that important evidence in one place.