How to comply with the Key Lines of Enquiry

What do I need to do?

The provider of the service needs to ensure that the Fundamental Standards of the Care Quality Commission are being met.

A practice can achieve this by looking at the CQC website.

The Fundamental Standards information is broken down into the following sections:

  • The regulation in full
  • Guidance
  • Related legislation
  • Related guidance

By reading and following this guidance you can implement many necessary changes and organise systems (old and new) within the practice to maintain good levels of compliance.

Lead Roles

Delegate responsibilities throughout the team. There are plenty of extended duties to be given to competent staff who are willing to take on this lead role.

Specific areas for delegated tasks are:

  • Radiation supervision
  • Infection control and decontamination
  • Medical emergencies
  • Health and safety
  • Management of medicines
  • Risk management
  • Equipment servicing
  • Safeguarding
  • Clinical governance
  • Fire safety
  • Disaster recovery
  • Patient safety
  • Reception services
  • Patient services
  • Information governance
  • Legionella management
  • First Aid
  • Complaints

Communication & Practice Meetings

Communication is the key in any clinical environment. Without good communication the service would not be able to function correctly.

It is paramount that communication between the reception and the surgeries are clear and effective at all times.

Practice meetings should be held once a month. The meeting should be pre-planned to ensure the team can be notified in advance.

The meeting should consist of the ‘whole’ dental team ensuring that there is effective communication between reception and clinical staff. The meeting should have an agenda, and minutes of the meeting should be recorded.

After the meeting, the minutes of the meeting should be distributed to the team and any action points highlighted during the meeting should be completed by the designated person. These action points will form the basis of the next meeting.

Keep a copy of all practice meeting agenda’s and minutes for future referencem.

Quality Assurance

Patients should be provided with consistent and high quality care. The practice should have a quality assurance policy and programme to ensure consistencies are met.

Quality assurance will consist of the following:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Audits of the service
  • Clinical governance
  • Quantitative data
  • Qualitative data
  • Staff training