HTM 01-05 2013 Edition Changes in Guidance

The HTM 01-05: 2013 Edition has presented many changes for dental practices.

How do Changes to HTM 01-05 Affect Your Dental Practice?

In April 2013 the Department of Health issued a revised version of HTM 01-05.

Within the document are a number of changes from the original that was published and issued to dental practices back in 2009.

The revised guidelines have yet again divided the dental community, with some believing that the Department of Health have made a significant 'U' turn in terms of the guidance. Others have welcomed the revisions.

This section of the Isopharm website shows what the changes are, and how they may or may not affect your dental practice. Whatever the verdict is on HTM01-05 from those required to comply with the guidance, it is here to stay.

Since 2009 it is apparent that the majority of dental practices have embraced the guidance and are working hard to achieve not only the Essential Quality Requirements but also the Best Practice expectations.

It should not be forgotten that the aim of the document is 'To progressively raise the quality of decontamination work in primary care dental practices'.

Isopharm have dissected the new document and have provided a comparison with the original 2009 HTM 01-05, along with comment on the effect this may or may not have on your dental practice. The information is divided into the categories shown in the menu.

There are significant changes, along with what would at first glance appear to be only textual changes. However, quite a number of these textual changes have not had as much press coverage as other topics and the re-wording of certain paragraphs may have a significant impact on your practices decontamination processes.