Infection Control and Decontamination Training Course

3 hour training course, with practical demonstrations throughout for only £350.00 +vat


Disinfection and Decontamination: The General Dental Council recommend that you do at least five hours in every CPD cycle.

Who should do the course?

This course is ideal for ‘whole team’ practice training to achieve (highly recommended topic) CPD. The course outlines all of the responsibilities and preventative measures the practice must undertake to ensure patient safety.

Course duration

The course will take 3 hours to complete this will include a presentation, practical demonstrations and a test.

Details about the course

Isopharm aim to provide you with, the best quality, training in infection control and decontamination. We have CPD quality controls on the training we provide in accordance with GDC guidance.


  • To provide the learner with the clear knowledge and guidance on cross infection control and decontamination duties.


With the knowledge from this course the learner should be able to implement and provide effective preventative measures within practice according to relevant legislation with Department of Health HTM 01-05 and Care Quality Commission Regulations.

The modules which will be covered include:

  • Essential Microbiology
  • Legionella
  • Dental Unit Water Lines
  • Blood Borne Virus
  • Inoculation
  • Sharps Injury Protocol and Disposal
  • Herpes simplex (cold sores)
  • CJD
  • Single use items
  • Spillages
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surgery clothing
  • Hand Hygiene
  • PPE
  • Duties to be carried out in the surgery (AM/PM)
  • Decontamination
  • EQR/Best Practice
  • Inspection
  • Clinical Waste segregation


Training Courses Infection Control Decontamination, Validation & Testing Book two sessions for the same day
Duration 3 hours 3 hours 6 hours
Morning Session £350 +vat £350 +vat £550 +vat
Lunchtime Session* £450 +vat £450 +vat
Afternoon Session £350 +vat £350 +vat


* lunchtime sessions are charged differently to morning and afternoon sessions. This is because when we carry out individual lunchtime session we are not able to provide training services anywhere else that day. Booking a second session for the same day alongside a lunchtime session does however take advantage of the two courses discount.

How to book

Before booking please ensure you have a time and date in mind.

Book over the phone: 01709 525256, call and speak to Charlotte Cash, Product Research and Development Coordinator

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