Isopharm Infection Control Consultancy

Telephone Assessment of Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment

The telephone assessment covering Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment will enhance a practice’s understanding of the full legal requirements and obligations surrounding the CQC’s expectations during an inspection.

The telephone assessment will consist of one of our qualified Compliance Assessor’s asking a number of questions about safe care and treatment with in the practice. There are around x questions. During the telephone call you will have the opportunity to ask the Compliance Assessor for advice.

The telephone assessment should provide you with the knowledge to action and maintain compliance levels under Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment.

Isopharm will organise a suitable time and date with you to undertake the assessment over the phone.

The telephone assessment will include 2 hours of CQC consultation and advice on Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment.

Isopharm tips and guidance will be given along the way to help aid your practice in becoming fully compliant in Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment.

Within 3 working days you will receive a Compliance Action Report for Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment. This report will highlight the areas of non-compliance, creating an action plan for the practice to follow.

Who would we advise to do the assessment?

The telephone assessment service is ideal for practices that need help and guidance in complying with CQC Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment. The assessment can be undertaken by anyone with a responsibility for compliance in the practice.

It is particularly useful for Practice Managers and Infection Control Lead Nurses.

It is great for those dental professionals who say to themselves ‘Am I doing this right?’.

What do I get?

The telephone assessment includes:

  • Up to 2 hours compliance telephone assessment
  • A choice of 3 Isopharm logbooks; including Manual Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Washer Disinfector and Benchtop Steriliser
  • Plus a practice compliance action report

For the full service Isopharm charges £150.00 +vat

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Terms and conditions

  • The telephone assessment is for two hours only. Any further consultancy advice will be based on an hourly rate of £50 per hour
  • Isopharm are not responsible for the compliance standards within the dental practice. Isopharm will advise and give guidance in aspects of dental compliance but are not responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the overall practice compliance.