Manufacturer Recommendations

Manufacturer Recommendations

HTM 01-05 provides test and validation methods and routines from already established procedures within the British, European and International standards detailed in the legislative requirements section. The procedures are generic and deemed suitable for a dental practice to create their test and validation schedule.

What is not elaborated on within HTM 01-05 is that there many different ways to perform the same tests listed in the schedules. Many machines require specific products to test and validate correctly.

Some manufacturers have also provided changes to the HTM 01-05 schedule. In some cases increasing the amount of tests that the User can perform but at the same time removing some of the engineer specific requirements.

It is the machine manufacturer that should provide the additional information that a dental practice needs to expand on the details within HTM 01-05. This allows the creation of a machine specific schedule that uses the correct products and fully complies to not only HTM 01-05 but also manufacturer requirements.

To help identify these requirements and aid in the correct product purchase and test method, Isopharm Sentry are contacting manufacturers to obtain information on testing and validating their decontamination machines.