Procurement of Decontamination Equipment & Instruments

This section highlights the changes in the 'Procurement of Decontamination Equipment and Instruments' from the 2009 and 2013 editions of HTM 01-05.

Procurement of Decontamination Equipment and Instruments

The information below shows the paragraphs from HTM 01-05 2013 Edition Section 10.0 that have changed from those within HTM 01-05 2009 Edition.

Paragraph 10.17

Ultrasonic cleaners may be designed to operate at a single frequency, across a frequency range, and/or with a controlling system to adjust the frequency in response to the loading conditions.

What the changes mean and how do they affect your practice?

The 2009 Edition stated that an ultrasonic activity sensor indicator should be provided. The 2013 Edition has removed this requirement entirely and replaced it with the above paragraph.

This provides a wider range of ultrasonic bath that can be purchased.

All equipment purchased should be fit for purpose and designed for its intended use.