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Isopharm Aluminium Foil Test Kit

For performing the HTM 01-05 Ultrasonic Activity Test.
Supplied as a complete test kit.

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Aluminium Foil Test Kit

Isopharm Ultrasonic Activity Test Kit

Provides all the items required to perform the HTM 01-05 Ultrasonic Activity Test.

The Isopharm Ultrasonic Activity Test Kit contains:

  • Aluminium Foil Reel - 20mm wide, 50m long, specific gauge foil.

  • Tape Measure - To measure the depth of the tank and length of the foil strips.

  • Scissors - To cut the foil strips.

  • Masking Tape - To create a grid across the top of the tank.

  • Stopwatch - To time the length of the cycle if required.

HTM 01-05 Testing Ultrasonic Cleaners

How this product helps you comply with HTM 01-05 (2013 Edition)
  • HTM 01-05 has Ultrasonic Activity Test as a Quarterly requirement (HTM 01-05 2013 edition. Section 14.3) Some manufacturer's recommend the quarterly test method is carried out more frequently. Please seek manufacturer's advice, or download for FREE a validation test schedule (VTS) on the Isopharm website. HTM 01-05 States that any additional tests defined by the manufacturer should also be performed.
Document Specific Title Reference Periodic Testing
HTM 01-05 Ultrasonic Activity Test 15.6    

D=Day | W=Weekly | Q=Quarterly | Y=Yearly | CP(D)=Competent Person (Decontamination) | ENG=Engineer

HTM 01-05 Ultrasonic Activity Test using the Isopharm Ultrasonic Activity Test Kit

1. Take a strip of foil that is longer than the depth of the bath.

Roll up the end. This is to help weigh the strip down in the fluid.

2. Measure the foil strip against the depth of the bath so that it is just above the bottom.

Fold a tab at the top and remove any excess foil.

3. Create a further eight strips using the first as a template.

4. To help weigh the strip in the fluid further, paperclips can be added to the bottom.

5. Fill the bath with liquid and detergent as normal for cleaning your instruments.

Run a cycle to degas the liquid.

6. Place three lengths of tape horizontally and three lengths of tape vertically across the top of the bath.

7. Number each intersection so that the location of each foil strip can be recorded.

8. Using the tabs, attach the nine strips of foil to the underside of the tape where each row crosses over.

9. Run either a cycle that is recommended by the manufacturer for the foil test or if not known the same cycle usually used to clean instruments.

10. After the cycle, carefully remove the foil strips making sure you know the position number of each one.

11. Erosion on each foil strip validates the cycle. 

12. If any strips have no erosion then this indicates that the bath is not working correctly.

13. To provide evidence of test, attach the foil strips into the space provided in the Isopharm Ultrasonic Cleaner log book.

Reasons Why the Test May Fail

Should the test fail a re-test should be performed. If the test fails a second time, a diagnosis of both the method of cleaning and method of testing is required.

The compliance team at Isopharm is also available to discuss the test and test method.

Possible fail reasons for an Ultrasonic Activity Test are:

Diagnosing the Method of Cleaning

  • Check that the cycle is being run for the appropriate time as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • In some cases it may be that the machine under test is not working correctly and an engineer may be required to diagnose further.

Diagnosing the Method of Test

  • Check that the correct foil is being used. Foil that is too thin will disintegrate and provide little or no test result.
  • Check what cycle length the manufacturer recommends specifically for performing the ultrasonic activity test. In some cases this can alter a great deal, for example a normal cycle length from cleaning instruments in the Ultrawave Hygea 2 is 10 minutes whereas the cycle length for performing this test is only 1 minute.
  • Although HTM 01-05 states that nine strips of foil should be used, isopharm have found that this can sometimes prove too much for smaller ultrasonic cleaners. If the test is being performed on an ultrasonic cleaner with a tank 1.5 litres or less, Isopharm recommends that the number of foil strips is reduced to four with a strip of foil in placed in each quarter.