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Manual Cleaning Thermometer

For monitoring the temperature of either manual or ultrasonic instrument cleaning processes.

  • Supplied as a digital thermometer with a flexible, waterproof temperature probe and a sucker pad.


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Manual Cleaning Thermometer
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Manual Cleaning Thermometer

Provides an easy method of monitoring the process temperature of an instrument manual cleaning process.

Can also be used to monitor the process temperature of a basic ultrasonic cleaner that does not have a temperature display.

The Manual Cleaning Thermometer features:

  • Digital display - Easy monitoring of temperature reliant processes.
  • Waterproof thermometer - The temperature probe can be fully immersed.
  • Easy placement - Sucker pad ensures temperature probe remains in place.

Monitoring Temperature Reliant Processes

The thermometer should be used to monitor processes that rely on specific temperatures:

  • Manual cleaning of instruments
  • Ultrasonic cleaning processes

Manual Cleaning Process with the Manual Cleaning Thermometer

1. attach the temperature thermometer to the sink using the sucker pad.

The digital display should be either wall mounted or placed on the work surface.

2. Prepare as normal for manual cleaning of instruments.
3. Carry out manual cleaning. Monitor the temperature on the digital display throughout.

4. The solution must remain below 45°C. Cleaning at a temperature above this value may result in proteins coagulating and becoming harder to remove.

The temperature should remain at the required value specific to the cleaning chemical being used. This will have been identified by the manufacturer as the optimum temperature for use.

Reasons Why the Test May Fail

Instruments being cleaned, whether manually or in an ultrasonic cleaner, should not be processed in a solution that is above 45°C.

The practice policy on manual cleaning, and instuction to staff for these processes, should document this requirement.

As well as the temperature limitation for cleaning, attention should also be given to the chemical used. This will have a specific temperature at which it is most effective and the manufacturer should provide this value.

The compliance team at Isopharm is also available to discuss the process.