19 Jan 2016
By David Brighton
Validation Engineering

NEW IPReports v2
Available February 2016

Isopharm are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of IPReports version 2, a huge update to our industry standard validation report writing software.

Download the IPReports v2 Brochure here >

Validation to:

Report templates for:
Instrument Washer Disinfectors, Endoscope Washer Disinfectors and Porous Load Sterilisers

IPReports v2 is Packed With Many New features...

Automation functionality is crammed in, ensuring that you spend a minimum amount of time preparing what has become known as an industry standard report, instantly recognised by AE(D)’s across the UK.

Measured test data is easily imported, providing a safeguard against human error. The library of validation report templates that is provided with IPReports includes EN, CFPP, NI/CFPP, HTM, WHTM and SHTM.

The report templates are not just for temperature and pressure validation. Manual tests, such as washer disinfector cleaning efficacy, are all catered for. This presents a single software package for documenting every test required for your validation reports.

Download the IPReports v2 Brochure here >

We will be providing further updates in the run up to release.

Report Template Library with Selectable Standards...

Choose your report template and select the standard that you are working to...

... the template will automatically change all references to standards as well as pass/fail criteria based on the document that you selected.

Sign Your Report On-Screen...

Input signature fields so an engineer can sign a report on site using either touch screen or mouse pad...

...removes the need to have an image of the engineer’s signature.

Automatically Populated Report Summary...

Report Summaries search through your report and retrieve pass/fail results...

...removes duplication of effort as report summaries are completed automatically as you fill in the report information.

Importing Images Improved...

Picture sizing and aspect ratio control, plus time and date stamp...

...allows test photos to be resized and cropped, plus time and date stamps from the images own file information.

Import Cycle Receipts...

Import cycle receipts directly into IPReports v2.0...

...what can take several hours attaching your hard copy test cycle receipts into your validation report, can now be completed in a matter of seconds.

Download the IPReports v2 Brochure here >

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