Small Vacuum Steriliser: Full Load Textiles

Test Loads for Clinical Steam Sterilisers

Small Vacuum Steriliser: Full Load Textiles

BS EN 13060

For steriliser chambers with a volume of more than 54 Litres and diameter of 35cm or greater.

The test pack should be made up of cotton sheets (warp threads/cm = 30 ±6 and weft threads/cm = 27 ±5), 900mm x 1200mm, unhemmed and bleached to white.

The sheets should be washed without fabric conditioner when new or require washing.

The sheets should be dried and equilibrated for 1 hour prior to use at a temperature of between 15°C to 25°C, humidity being between 30% and 70%.

Each sheet should be folded to approximately 300mm x 220mm.

Stack folded sheets to a height of 150mm and weight of 4kg +/-0.5kg. The pack should be compressed by hand during stacking.

Use either a prepared cotton sheet or a test pack wrap to secure the sheets.

The constructed standard test pack can be re-used. Store in an environment as described above for washing.

The sterilisation process will result in the test pack compressing, simply add further sheets to make the pack height 120mm, checking that the weight remains with tolerance. When the pack weight breaches 4.5kg dispose and replace with new sheets.

For a Single Wrapped load
(BS EN 13060 Section 8.6.2)

The test pack is as a minimum wrapped in a single cotton sheet during their assembly (above). This constitutes Single Wrapped.

For a Double Wrapped Load
(BS EN 13060 Section 8.6.5)

Once assembled as above, the test pack shall be wrapped in another single cotton sheet, or packaging as defined by the manufacturer. This constitutes Double Wrapped.

The remaining usable space within the chamber should be filled using either further test packs or single cotton sheets of the same specification prepared in the same way.

95% +/-5% of the usable chamber space should be filled.