HTM 01-05

HTM 01-05 provides guidance on decontamination in primary care dental practices. This includes the testing and validation of ultrasonic cleaners, washer disinfectors and steam sterilisers.

Document HTM 01-05
Full Title Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices.
Applies England
Sector Primary Dental Care
Covers Ultrasonic Cleaners, Washer Disinfectors and Steam Sterilisers used in primary care dental.

About HTM 01-05

HTM 01-05 is a relatively recent addition to the HTM series of documents and provides the framework for decontamination within primary care dental practices. 

It is very different in structure to the HTMs released in the 1990s, being structured more like a CFPP and providing choice framework rather than definitive requirements.

This was intended to make the eventual transition from HTM 01-05 to CFPP 01-05 easier.

It was expected that that the 2013 edition would not remain a HTM as the original 2009 edition was already a CFPP in all but name, however the document currently remains a HTM.

Decontamination in Primary Care Dental Practices (2013 Edition)

This document provides guidance on decontamination policy within a primary care dental practice. Advice on local decontamination, engineering, technology and standards relating to the processing of re-usable medical devices is given. Periodic test schedules for decontamination equipment is also provided.

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