IPReports & TQSoft Validation Systems

TQSoft & IPReports Validation Systems

With over one thousand licenses provided for healthcare decontamination validation, the TQSoft and IPReports system from Isopharm and TQSolutions continues to be an industry benchmark.

Decontamination Process Validation in FOUR Easy Steps

The system provides a complete solution for decontamination process validation. TQSoft is designed to minimise engineer time on site, whilst IPReports allows professional validation reports to be authored quickly.


Fully Automatic System Calibration for Pre-Test

Calibrating input channels is fully automatic. TQSoft controls both the temperature calibrator and reference probe, evaluating the stability of both the test thermocouples and the reference.

Calculating the offset values, TQSoft then automatically applies them to each channel independently.

TQSoft also simultaneously generates and archives full and traceable calibration data for inclusion within the validation report.


Automatic Calculation of Thermometric Test Data During Process Validation

The system is packaged with test specifications for many machine types. TQSoft automatically collects and calculates all the required thermometric data during the test process.

This information can be viewed as either a chart display or data list. The encrypted data is then available for import into one of the many IPReport templates available.




Fully Automatic Calibration Check for Post-Test

Checking the system calibration post-test is also fully automatic, confirming that calibration has not drifted and is still within the required tolerance.

TQSoft again simultaneously generates and archives full and traceable calibration check data for inclusion within the validation report.


Quickly Create Industry Recognised Validation Reports

The library of validation report templates that is provided with IPReports includes EN, CFPP, NI/CFPP, HTM, WHTM and SHTM.

Automation functionality is crammed in, ensuring that you spend a minimum amount of time preparing what has become known as an industry standard report, instantly recognised by AE(D)'s across the UK.

Measured test data is easily imported from TQSoft, providing a safeguard against human error.

The report templates are not just for temperature and pressure validation. Manual tests, such as washer disinfector cleaning efficacy, are all catered for. This presents a single software package for documenting every test required for your validation reports.

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