Scottish Health Technical Memorandum

Scottish Health Technical Memoranda (SHTMs) provide in depth guidance and advice on the design, installation, operation and management of specialised equipment and processes within a healthcare environment.

SHTMs have been the leading documents for decontamination within Scotland over the last two decades and draw upon information contained within several British (BS), European (EN) and international (ISO) standards. 

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SHTM 2010

Scottish Health Technical Memorandum 2010

  • Part 1: Overview and management responsibilities Sterilization 
  • Part 2: Design considerations Sterilization
  • Part 3: Validation and verification Sterilization
  • Part 4: Operational management  Sterilization
  • Part 5: Good practice guide  Sterilization
  • Part 6: Testing and validation protocols  Sterilization

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SHTM 2030

Scottish Health Technical Memorandum 2030

  • Part 1: Design considerations Washer-disinfectors
  • Part 2: Operational management Washer-disinfectors
  • Part 3: Validation and verification Washer-disinfectors

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SHTM 2031

Scottish Health Technical Memorandum 2031 -
Clean steam for sterilization

SHTM 2031 is a single document that provides guidance on contamination within steam supply whilst providing requirements for steam quality and ‘clean steam’.