Decontamination Standards & Guidance

This section of the Isopharm website provides a detailed bibliography of standards and guidance documents related to decontamination processes.

Guidance on decontamination processes is typically formulated through referencing a selection of exisiting documents and standards.

This section of the website provides a single source for information on that reference material, what information is contained within the pages and also how to acquire a copy.

The advice and guidance here is based on our interpretations and is not a substitue to the actual documents listed.

When formulating a decontamination validation schedule it is strongly advised that the latest editions of the appropriate standards and guidance are obtained.

Document types are defined as the following:

Type Description
CFPP  Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedures
NI/CFPP Northern Ireland Addeddum to CFPP
HTM  Health Technical Memorandum
SHTM Scottish Health Technical Memorandum
WHTM Welsh Health Technical Memorandum
BS British Standard
EN European Norm
ISO International Standards Organisation
MDA DB Medical Devices Agency Device Bulletin


A detailed glossary of terms is also provided in this section which provides not only reference for the Standards & Guidance pages but also terms described throughout the validation engineer website.